Thank you and Mariza Crush for the great review!!!

Blackdrawn – Blackdrawn

I really couldn’t wait to do this review since I listened to the whole album again and again. At first I was stunned. Then, I couldn’t believe that Blackdrawn was a Greek band and definitely I didn’t know that they could deliver such a flawless melodic death album. Especially since the band exists for only 3 years.

In 2012 these 6 musicians from Thessaloniki decided to form this melodic death group. The good part is, that bands like Blackdrawn are unlikely to get away from the Scandinavian influence. As expected, when I listened to the first songs of the album, Sweden popped right out of the headphones. In most tracks, the influences of bands like ‘In Flames’ and Soilwork, were pretty obvious .The same goes with songs like “What I Am” which remind me vividly of Pantera.

“Blackdrawn” is their debut album but they have already played as an opening act for Arch Enemy in November of 2015 in Greece. The producer of the album is J.Demian, who is also their guitar player and he has done an amazing job. Production of course is not enough, it takes many years of hard work to reach the perfect technique and Blackdrawn are getting closer to perfection each day. Another thing worth mentioning is their lyrics, which I found really touching especially in the song “1000 Miles Below”.

The album really got my attention from the beginning with the first song (an instrumental track) called “Vantablack’’. It gets the listener ready for something really good.

The only negative part in this album is the repetitive use of keyboards in some songs which I found kind of excessive. I know that these kind of bands are very familiar with the use of keyboards in most songs but there is a limit in that too.

I admit that I do not have much of experience or specialization in the melodic death scene but Blackdrawn definitely have. This band is not far from a European tour.