Review on Blackdrawn CD by Global Metal Apocalypse – (9.5/10)

black-drawn-band-19Now you might well have thought that because of Greece’s demoralizing and brutal economic downfall that the quality of metal would deplete as a result; not to mention quality of gear and services available, well, you would be mistaken. Enter Blackdrawn, the new kids on the block who come armed with their rather unforgiving blend of mystical keyboard elements, technical groove riffery, blazing drums and not to mention vocals so gritty they would embed in your soul for eternity. Eloquently expressed, the self-debut album by this Greek unit lashes together the aforementioned Groove / Tech combination with elements of Nordic Melodic Death Metal, conjuring up what could be accepted as part of the ‘new wave of Modern Metal’. Already set to perform as support to Arch Enemy in November, Blackdrawn are the Greek Metal band you never saw coming. Simply magical.

Download This: “What I Am” – Click here to listen

For Fans of: Soilwork, In Flames, DevilDriver


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