Review on Blackdrawn debut album – Metalpaths (8/10)

Blackdrawn – Debut Album

blackdrawn-blackdrawnBLACKDRAWN from Thessaloniki, after a series of live shows, have released their full-length debut album. This review comes with a slight delay as it is a release of 2015 (my apologies to the band).The album kicks in with the industrial intro of “Vantablack”, followed by the first track of the album “Breathin’” blasting away the melodeath way, including a really nice chorus, that really shows what their vocalist is capable of. What we notice from the first notes of the album, is that the production is well balanced, with room for both guitars and keyboards to shine. Up next we witness some djent-influenced riffage on “Sound Of Bleeding”, another fast-paced song leading us to a really nice chorus. “Blackdrawn Skies” has more of a mid-tempo gothic touch to it, bringing more groove to the bands’ sound and some really good solos.

The mid-tempo continues with “Deathmask”, in a groovy song that brings Arch Enemy to mind. Speaking of catchy, here comes the catchy chorus of “Hearts Turning Black” being one of the most hit-oriented songs of the albums. “Embracing Darkness” brings back the blasting, as well as the sinister groovy riffs, In a song where the bass becomes more audible in the mid-section.“What I Am” brings back the Swedish melody we all know, bringing us another potential hit song with a great chorus some more killer soloing, and lots of industrial influences. The acoustic intro of “Scavengers” turns into another catchy mid-tempo melodeath tune, with a groovy break before the chorus, and those killer solos!

“Undiminished” follows aggressively, blasting once more, followed by another chorus that’s meant to stick in your head, a more aggressive one this time. “Eradication Theme” and “1000 Miles Below” come up next. The first is one follows a catchy motif like some songs before it, the second ends the album with a blast, and some of the finest melodies on the album, one of my personal favorites of the album.

A really well-worked modern metal record worth listening to, with strong melodies. The duration (12 songs, 54 minutes) shouldn’t discourage you, it flows smoothly.


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