Review on Blackdrawn debut album – Metal Temple (90/100)

Blackdrawn – Debut Album

BlackdrawnGreek Metal really is very good. After the arrival of Black Metal in the beginning of the 90s, and then, all Metal styles start to appear on Greece. And must state a think: 90% of the Hellenic bands ate really excellent ones. And the sextet BLACKDRAWN is another fine piece of music, coming with their album “BLACKDRAWN”.

They use a modern approach of Metal music. It’s seems to be influenced by Finnish Death Metal scene, but being aggressive and melodic, but using more parts with clean melodic voices, a very good work done by keyboards, perfect rhythmic kitchen, and excellent and thunderous guitars. Of course their musical technique is excellent, but not to that point where their music becomes boring. No, it’s interesting and hooking, and done with a very strong personality.

The sound quality of “BLACKDRAWN” is really good. Their aggressive personality is clear for our ears, their songs are really sounding heavy and thunderous, but everything is truly clear. Yes, clear for us to understand their aggressiveness, but as well their deeper and introspective moments.

BLACKDRAWN is really a talented band, and are really fighting to be recognized by a greater public. And honestly, they deserve it!

They know how to mix melodies and aggressiveness perfectly. Songs as “Breathin'” (a fine mix of some fast and harsh moments with bitter melodies, with very good guitars and vocals), the hooking and nasty “Blackdrawn Skies” (that presents some very good moments from bass and drums, along with good rhythmic changes. And as a special guest, Petros Christo, FIREWIND’s bassist, plays on it), the excellent melodies presented on guitars on “Hearts Turning Black” (a song filled with very good presence of keyboards), the bitter melodies on “Embracing Darkness” (fine riffs and excellent solos), the heavy and abrasive “Undiminished”, and the powerhouse on “Eradication Theme”.


Modern, heavy and technical, maybe they have found the key for new times to come.

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