Review on Blackdrawn – Behind The Veil (7.5/10)


This may be a new band making its debut appearance with their self titled twelve track album, but the sextet comprising it are no newcomers. In fact all of them have big credentials in the Greek metal scene since for a long time they’ve participated in some of the most famous bands all over the metal spectrum, from aggressive to more melodic with emphasis though on the more aggressive part. This sentence alone can stand as a clear hint as to what you have to expect here with “Blackdrawn”.


Music- and performance- wise you have to expect a flawless outcome as well as a clear and dynamic production that helps elevate the end result and show the band’s potential. Now if we want to talk about genres then I’d place BLACKDRAWN somewhere between the so called modern metal genre and melodic death metal. This means that their music is clearly influenced by the Scandinavian melodic death metal scene, but not the way it was carved in the past; BLACKDRAWN’s sound isn’t that raw or rough, but it has lots of melodies and keyboards, all however in the right places. I’ve listened to this album countless times so I can definitely say this is a quality work that has nothing to envy compared to what comes from abroad. It balances perfectly its aggressive character with its more melodic side and with a touch of modernity creates an end result ideal for fans of SOILWORK, IN FLAMES (“Reroute to Remain” era and on), DARK TRANQUILLITY (the keyboards are particularly influenced by the “Haven” era, as well as the dark and yet beautiful artwork), KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and so on… If you find yourselves intrigued by these bands, then give BLACKDRAWN a chance!

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